For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to travel, to do exciting things, to experience life. I’ve always had a list of some things I wanted to do. But that list was very vague and one of those “one day” type lists. I got to thinking about this and how I don’t want my “one day” to be too late.

So “one day” I sat down and made my list. I did a lot of research and put a lot of thought into what I want to do. My list isn’t just about me. It’s about us – my husband and me. The idea is to really experience life rather than waiting for that “one day” to come. So I’ve put my list here and documented the experiences we’ve already had, the ones we’re currently having and the ones we will be having soon!



*All images used for the menu are from www.stuckincustoms.com. Visit this site to see images from someone who is already living my life.

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